Arte Arquitetura Pinheiros

Arte Arquitetura Pinheiros:

You will live inside a work of art.

Estela Sokol was the perfect choice to continue this series of consolidated success, which already features sculptures signed by great artists such as the Campana brothers and Antonio Peticov. Located in Pinheiros

Located in Pinheiros neighborhood, known to concentrate a great variety of business, leisure and service options, and to have easy access to other areas of the city, either by car, bus, subway, train or bicycle, this area is a synthesis of tradition and modernity, with a bustling nightlife and an extensive cultural program.

The façade stands out due to its modern features, that seek to maintain a harmony with the urban landscape. The common areas have complete leisure options, and the apartments offer 1 or 2 suites, with intelligent plans and unique services that provide comfort and convenience for everyday life.